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Young people away from home for the first time often find themselves in legal trouble. Whether your child is a college student or visiting the area for work or vacation, the charges can have lasting consequences worth fighting on the front end. In many of our cases there is a resolution that allows our clients to have the charge dismissed and expunged from their record. With criminal background checks and arrest questionnaires being a part of nearly every job application now is the time to fight to keep your child’s record clean.

SC Drug Charges: Trafficking, Distribution, PWID, Possession

To prevent a lapse in judgement from becoming a life-long criminal record it is important that you know the playing field and all options on the table. Attorney J. Stephen Grooms and Austin Thomas started their practice in 2016 after spending the first part of their legal careers as local prosecutors with the Horry and Georgetown County Solicitor’s Office.

Attorney J. Stephen Grooms spent a portion of his prosecuting career serving as a Senior Solicitor on the Horry County Drug Prosecution team. We have the knowledge and experience needed to hit the ground running on your case. Drug charges are more complicated than you may think. The State bears the burden of proof and handling evidence in such a way that it will be preserved for trial. We know what to look for and what to do to put your child in the best position for a positive outcome.

We represent college age students and young people from Coastal Carolina, HGTC and surrounding areas. Our attorneys take a special interest in working with young people and their families to guide them through the legal process. When you call Grooms and Thomas our team will arrange a free criminal defense consultation with one of our attorneys who will be glad to answer all your legal questions.

At Grooms and Thomas, LLC we handle a wide range of criminal charges, but a few of the more common college age offenses are listed below.

  • PWID Marijuana, Cocaine, Etc.
  • Disorderly Conduct and Public Intoxication
  • Minor Possession, Drug Paraphernalia and Fake ID
  • Drug Possession Charges
  • Trafficking Charges
  • Felony Drug Charges
  • DUI and Traffic Related Charges


If your child does not have a prior criminal record, a diversion program may be the best option. If your child successfully completes the diversion program, then he or she would not have a conviction on his or her record. We could then seek an expungement to remove the arrest record.