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As a local Myrtle Beach, SC criminal defense firm we have represented plenty of clients who came to Myrtle Beach planning to have a great vacation but unfortunately now find themselves in legal trouble with the Myrtle Beach Police or surrounding law enforcement agencies. 

One of the most common charges we see is driving under the influence [1] . It is a serious charge as it should be, and it carries serious consequences that can follow a driver for years after the case has been disposed. If you are convicted of DUI you can face having your license suspended [2], being required to carry very expensive SR-22 insurance [3], and you could potentially go to jail. Not to mention the hefty fines and potentially permanent mark on your criminal record. 

The most common types of evidence that will be used against you in court will be the officer’s testimony, your recorded actions during the field sobriety test and the results of a BAC test. Keep in mind if you are reading this prior to arrest that you have the right to remain silent and can refuse to take either the field sobriety or the BAC test. You will likely be arrested if the officer has probable cause for the charge even if you refuse the test, but each of those tests are meant to build the State’s case against you. 

Every case is different and every situation such as a law enforcement check points, a traffic stop, or a vehicle accident that lead to the arrest will require a different approach in determining your best defense. 

Before you decide on which attorney to go with you should do your homework, there are plenty of attorneys in Horry County who either don’t specialize in criminal law or simply do not have the experience needed to provide your best defense. 

Before you make a decision give us a call at Grooms and Thomas, LLC, we have attorneys who have spent years both prosecuting and now defending driving under the influence charges. We look forward to helping you get your life back on track.  

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[2] SECTION 56-5-2990

[3] SR-22 insurance

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